This Website

This is a space where I can document some of my work. It’s probably not going to be the most beautiful of sites as I won’t have time to spend giving this the tender loving care it probably deserves. However, my hope is that some of the articles, blogs and reports will be of use to others and that I might learn something along the way as well.

A little about me

I’m a full time web developer focusing on backend technologies and system integrations. After spending ten years working in retail management, I retrained obtaining my BSc (Hons) Applied Computing 1st class degree in 2017.

I’ve been interested in computing since my younger years, building my own PCs from the age of eight and even ran an internet computing business from 2000-2004.

I work daily with a large range of languages and technologies including Java, PHP and more recently GO. I also have experience with Magento 2 and various other online e-commerce platforms developing bespoke modules.