This Website

This is a space where I can document some of my work. It's probably not going to be the most beautiful of sites as I won't have time to spend developing. However, my hope is that some of the articles, blogs and reports will be of use to others and I might learn something as well.

I plan to release some of my academic work and general blog posts of my experiences along the way.

A little about me Dan Sanderson

I'm a full time web developer. After spending ten years working in retail management, retrained at 30 to obtain my BSc (Hons) Applied Computing 1st class degree in 2017.

I've been very interested in computing since early days, building my own PCs from the age of eight and ran an internet computing business from 2000-2004 in my younger years.

I now work daily with full stack technologies and have recently turned my attention to the Magento 2 platform.


Dan Sanderson